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Is a healthy diet actually enough today?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s fruit, vegetables, meat or fish – long storage and transport routes result in what is sometimes a massive loss of natural vitamins and minerals in our food. Food supplements, vitamin supplements, dietary supplements and other preparations help to compensate for this health deficiency in today’s diet. Nevertheless, you must always ensure you have a balanced diet with natural nutrients and sufficient minerals for an optimal healthcare.

The consumers’ awareness of the need for a healthy, balanced and also vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly important in our time of modern forms of nutrition. A promising trend from which you can benefit when you have a reliable partner like us at your side. We advise you regarding recommended ingredients (e.g. different vitamins and minerals), packaging and dosage form (e.g. tablets or hard capsules) – and then produce the right nutritional supplement for you.

‘The optimal food supplement is compelling when it ensures the positive interaction of the coordinated vital substances. It consists mainly of natural sources and is produced in compliance with the scientific GMP standard.’
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